Superfoods You Should Make a Part of Your Diet

Sweet Potatoes

There is a lot of talk about superfoods nowadays and everyone seems to be crazy about them.

Superfoods are amazing because they contain substances that are good for the body. Some are rich in antioxidants that keep one looking young. Others have the ability to stabilize sugar.

Some of these superfoods lower cholesterol and keeps you feeling good inside and out. 

There are plenty of superfoods and the more your diet revolves around them, the better your health will be. 

Sweet Potatoes

With more fiber than regular potatoes, a medium-sized sweet potato has a little over 100 calories and has loads of fiber and vitamin A.

Plenty of Korean women swear by sweet potato to keep their cravings at bay and maintain their slender figures. Sweet potatoes are great for people with diabetes as it does not cause blood sugar to rise.

People who consume this on a daily basis have higher energy and don’t snack on junk too often as this food is very satiating. You can bake, boil, fry and roast sweet potato.

Because it has an innate sweetness and a texture that is smooth and mushy, you can eat it as is without the need for salt or butter.


One of the healthiest protein source there is, salmon has fewer calories than meat and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that keep the heart in top shape. These fatty acids also keep the skin dewy and elastic.

Salmon is a great diet food because it keeps you full for a longer period of time and it goes really well with steamed or roasted vegetables. You can grill, fry, steam, and bake salmon. You can even have it smoked for a different twist.


A great breakfast food, oatmeal can be cooked or soaked in milk overnight for a yummy and filling breakfast. Oatmeal is a good base for berries and cut up bananas.

You can also put honey, raisins, and cinnamon to sweeten your bowl a bit. Strawberries, peaches, dates, walnuts, blueberries, and ripe mangoes all make great toppings for oatmeal.

This superfood is rich in fiber and is great for people with high cholesterol problems.


Used in making wine, grapes have a substance called resveratrol that protects the body against free radicals.

Grapes can be used as an ingredient for smoothies and can be frozen and eaten as a sweet treat instead of candies. 


This superfood is super versatile. It can be added to omelets, made into a soup, added to green smoothies, and can even be a pie filling.

It can also be stir-fried or added to quiches. Low in fat, spinach is also a good source of folate, which decreases the risk of birth defects in pregnant women.

Spinach can also be eaten raw and be made into a salad along with other ingredients.

Greek Yogurt

Richer and creamier than regular yogurt, this has double the protein too. Use it as an alternative to cream cheese, sour cream, and mayonnaise. Usually eaten with honey, Greek yogurt is a healthy snack and taste amazing with berries. 


This is a recommended alternative to white rice and is a great carb source for those who want to lose weight. Because it is gluten-free, it is also good for those with gluten allergies.

If you are a vegan, this plant-derived food is considered to be a complete protein. Quinoa has vitamin E, iron, calcium, and even phosphorus.

Because of its nutritional importance, this is often referred to as the mother of all grains and is an important part of the culture of the Inca.


Creamy and rich, mashed avocado is a recommended mayo substitute. While high in calories, avocado has healthy fats.

You can make guacamole, avocado pudding, avocado ice cream and so much more with this superfood.


Low in calories and high in beta-carotene, pumpkin should be your new diet staple. This vegetable can be used in soups, stir fried dishes, pies, and even smoothies. Pumpkin is also great roasted and mashed.


Perfect for soups and salads, lentils should be a staple in your home because it is quite cheap and goes well with different ingredients.

Use it in chili con carne instead of beans, add some cooked lentils to your smoothie, and toss it on your salad for some interesting flavor and texture.