How To Make Kids Eat Healthy Food

They say that the habit of healthy eating starts from childhood. However, kids are known to be picky when it comes to food.

Also, junk food often comes in really attractive packaging. Candies, biscuits, chips, and pastries seem to be clamoring for children’s attention and if you are not careful, your kids might develop a very unhealthy way of eating.

As challenging as it sounds, you can make your kids eat healthier by exerting some effort. These tips can help.

Set an example.

Kids imitate what adults do. If kids see you loading up your plate with cut up fruits and veggies, they are most likely to do the same.

Children who are more drawn to unhealthy foods like chips and fries are usually influenced by their parents. Set a good example and indirectly teach your kids the basics of healthy eating.

Be creative.

Make your food visually appealing to kids. Create smiley faces out of sunny side up eggs and bacon.

Make bento boxes of snacks that are not only packed with nutrients but are also eye-catching.

If your kids love dips, swap their calorie-filled dips like sour cream for something healthier like hummus or yogurt flavored with garlic and herbs.

Make healthier options available at home.

Instead of boxes of cereal, candy bars, and potato chips, stock your pantry and kitchen cabinet with better snack alternatives.

Rice crackers, raisins, seaweed chips, apples, and yogurt are some of the items that you can regularly stock at home.

Get rid of the junk.

Now is also the time to start getting rid of junk food. Stop buying them. Ice cream, chocolates, and cheese puffs are filled with calories and preservatives that can actually mess up the appetite of kids.

Also, these junk foods are addictive and habit forming. Instead of quitting cold turkey, try to eliminate item one by one.

For example, this week, ice cream will no longer be included in your shopping cart. Next week, you won’t buy ice cream and chocolates.

Then proceed to eliminate other unhealthy snacks week after week until your little ones get used to not seeing them at home.

Use colors to your advantage.

Kids love anything colorful. Use colorful plates, serve vibrant looking veggies, and fill their dessert plates with jewel-colored berries. 

Sneak in some vegetables.

You are lucky if you get your kids to eat vegetables at face value. If not, you can still sneak in some vegetables in their meals without them knowing. Make healthier burger patties with ground beef, mushroom, and onions.

When fried or grilled, kids won’t be able to tell that there are veggies in there. You can also make vegetable pancakes or fritters with vegetables as main ingredients. 

Befriend your blender.

When it comes to making your family eat healthier, your blender is your friend. Make blended tomato soup, creamy onion soup, and lentil soup.

Also with a blender, you can make fruit shakes using cut up bananas and other fruit of your choice plus ice. 

Pack their school meals.

Most school prepared meals are greasy, salty, and not good for your kids.

To ensure that they are eating right all the time, get up early and prepare their school meals instead. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Just know that whatever food you make for them will surely be better than what they can get outside.

Chicken and veggie wraps, sandwiches, rice balls, and homemade pancakes, are some of the things you can make for them.

Make healthy versions of their favorite snacks. 

Let’s face it. Kids love snacks. If you can’t prevent them from snacking, then create healthier snack options.

Sweet potato fries, tortilla chips with homemade salsa, fruit salad with yogurt, and lean chicken burgers are some snacks you can serve to them.

Create soups.

Soups are warm, filling, and delicious. Instead of store bought soups, make your own. It is very easy.

Toss some chopped cooked meat, cabbage, carrots, onions, and chicken stock in a pot and in less than half an hour, you’ll have a hearty soup that kids will love. 

Cook together.

To encourage kids to eat better food, allow them to watch you while cooking. Let them help. Kids are more likely to eat what they prepare. 

Follow these tips and start making your kids eat healthy foods now.