My Favourite Things.

August has arrived, and for me that means a whole month off to spend time with my family. It’s a time for me to recharge my own batteries, to plan for the Fitness New Year (September) and to get up to date on all my paperwork! I am spending August in Bonny Scotland, the birthplace of my husband, where I feel very … Read More

Fearless Femme: Jen Sinkler

In my latest installment of Fearless Femme, I would love to introduce you to the Fitness Powerhouse and Unapologetically Strong Jen Sinkler. A friend, a mentor, an inspiration and all round great person, you will love the article and finding out what really makes a person like Jen inspired.   Click here for full article.

DVRT BFF Adventures – Episode 3

Welcome back to my monthly blog which I am co-host with my DVRT BFF Michele, owner of M Fitness For Life. Each month we have a Skype conversation to discuss current issues or problems we encounter in our jobs, and come up with useful solutions, which we talk about in this post.  We also want to show you that even though we are … Read More

Wild Workout Wednesday: The Perfect Exercises for New Mothers!

  My oldest son is 12 years old now, it seems like a lifetime ago that he was a baby and I remember being completely guilty of being one of those new mothers who wanted to get back in to shape toute suite.  I was not up to speed on post-partum workouts, the information was not readily available, so I basically … Read More

New Series: Fearless Femme #1

I am very excited to introduce you to my new blog series called Fearless Femme.  In my line of work I have the privilege of meeting and connecting with some wonderful, special and strong women, both mentally and physically. Once per month I am going to showcase each of these special women and their amazing stories.  All of us have a story … Read More

Wild Workout Wednesday: DVRT + KB Crazy 8’s Workout

For nearly all of the workouts I create, I make a point of doing them myself first.  I know how to pull a great workout together, but sometimes it’s just good to confirm that the formation and exercise choices really work together.  I loved this challenging session as soon as I tried it, and when I introduced it to my … Read More

What Do Real Strong Women Look Like?

I recently hosted a charity workout during my Friday morning class, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We had a blast and also raised funds for a worthwhile cause. Head over to the Ultimate Sandbag Blog, where you can see the full article. Thanks to everybody that participated and donated.

Day 1 – The 45 Challenge

[The 45 Challenge] It’s here!!! Day 1 of my 4 week challenge. To celebrate my 45th birthday at the end of the month, I am running a health and wellness challenge, where each day I will post a new activity for you to try. Feel free to jump in and out of the challenge whenever you want – this is … Read More