Bottoms Up Complex

com·plex adjective ˌkämˈpleks,kəmˈpleks,ˈkämˌpleks/ 1. consisting of many different and connected parts. One of the most challenging movements that my clients seem to have is performing the clean to fist with ease. The power for the clean comes directly from the hip hinge, so the first exercise we work on together is the deadlift. Once we are at the stage where … Read More

Wild Workout Wednesday: Summertime Fun

I always love connecting with other personal trainers.  It’s a great opportunity for me to find out what’s new in the fitness world, to share ideas, to make sure that my mind doesn’t go rusty!  So when Kara Stewart-Agostino, a CPT specializing in pre and post-natal training, wanted to hook up to play with the Ultimate Sandbags, I knew we … Read More

DVRT Complex Workout

This exercise routine might be called a complex, but it’s actually quite an easy concept to grab.  A complex is a sequence of exercises performed back to back, without rest, using one piece of equipment.  The exercise sequence below follows a natural flow, as each body position sets you up for the next exercise. ​ So grab your Ultimate Sandbag … Read More

DVRT Friday Flow

DVRT Flow Fridays! The DVRT Ultimate Sandbags are an integral part of my coaching program. Whether with private clients, or in a group setting, I always use the sandbags. The most important part of exercise in my opinion is to understand how and why your body moves the way it does. Maybe there are some compensations you need to address, … Read More

WOW!! Workout Of The Week – BEAR WITH ME BABY

Spring has sprung and people are moving! Have you noticed that when the weather improves, it also seems to improve our moods? We feel like anything is possible, with the added rejuvenation that April brings with it. My fitness business tends to peak at this time of year too. I feel in the fitness industry there are 3 new beginnings: … Read More

Do You Believe In Magic?

I often talk about the DVRT system, and how it is revolutionising the fitness world, but I have never really explained why I really love using the system and the Ultimate Sandbags. Let me start by telling you why I got involved in with DVRT? I have followed the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag, Josh Henkin for the last 5 … Read More

Gratifying Granola

I’m a total foodie. I love to cook. I love to eat. I love to share food – I’m a baker and a giver! Over the next few months I will be posting recipes that I love. Made with wholesome ingredients, made with love and made to enjoy! “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD.” -Hippocrates I … Read More

March Break Workouts

March Break Workouts As most of you know I am heading off to Big White for a family skiing holiday, and have decided to leave you all some homework to do while I am away! You will see below a few different choices for you to chose from, aim to squeeze in 3-4 workouts if you can. Run 5K Program: … Read More

Fixing Your Balance

It all started on a dark, stormy London evening in 2000, I was running through Walthamstow in London’s East End when my foot fell into a pothole and I landed in a crumpled heap on the roadside. The end result was years of pain in my hip leaving one side higher than the other, so yeah, I was a little … Read More