DVRT BFF Adventures – Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of a monthly blog that I am co-hosting with my DVRT BFF from Pennsylvania, Michele Meinville Decerio. She is the owner of a fabulous gym called M Fitness For Life. We nearly 2 years ago when we both attended the Level 1 + 2 DVRT certification in NYC, and we hit it off straight away. After … Read More

Wild Workout Wednesday: DVRT + KB Crazy 8’s Workout

For nearly all of the workouts I create, I make a point of doing them myself first.  I know how to pull a great workout together, but sometimes it’s just good to confirm that the formation and exercise choices really work together.  I loved this challenging session as soon as I tried it, and when I introduced it to my … Read More

Wild Workout Wednesday: DVRT Tempo Workout

It’s beautiful here in Toronto, with a seasonally balmy 18C (which translates to 65 F for you guys south of the border). Taking advantage of this, I nipped into my backyard for a wicked little DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout, playing around with tempo, as I will explain later.  Now luckily I have a number of sandbags at my disposal, and … Read More

What Do Real Strong Women Look Like?

I recently hosted a charity workout during my Friday morning class, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We had a blast and also raised funds for a worthwhile cause. Head over to the Ultimate Sandbag Blog, where you can see the full article. Thanks to everybody that participated and donated.

Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

  Growing up in the UK, I never really experienced the phenomenon of Pumpkin-mania that hits North America every Fall.  It’s the season that Starbucks famously reintroduce the Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is followed by every magazine, blog, stores introducing new and exciting pumpkin flavoured delights,  and still I sit and ponder what all the fuss is about!   Well today is National Pumpkin … Read More

Foodie Friday: Mason Jar Salads

  I have been using Mason Jar Salads for a while now, and honestly these make life so much easier. My clients are always asking for nutritional advice and how to plan their meals for the week.  I try to build up great habits and structure with my clients and let’s be honest, without any real structure we are less likely … Read More

Fall into Fall Layers with Fabletics

I have lived in Toronto for over 12 years now, and I still call this season, Autumn!  It seems that there are some parts of my English heritage I just can’t leave behind.  I happens to be one of my favourite seasons, because I get to wear my woolly jumpers (translation: sweaters. In the Harry Potter books, Mrs. Weasley makes … Read More

Day 1 – The 45 Challenge

[The 45 Challenge] It’s here!!! Day 1 of my 4 week challenge. To celebrate my 45th birthday at the end of the month, I am running a health and wellness challenge, where each day I will post a new activity for you to try. Feel free to jump in and out of the challenge whenever you want – this is … Read More

The 45 Challenge

On 28th October I will be turning 45!! So I’ve decided to use this month to create a 45 challenge. For 4 weeks I will be posting a daily challenge all centered around the number 45! I will be posting daily during October on IG, Pinterest and Facebook. Your week will look like this: Day 1: Kettlebell Swings Day 2: … Read More