Spotlight on 4 Women Master DVRT Trainers: Strong and Over 50

Being a women over 40 in the fitness industry means that I often have to remind people that I am very strong and capable. There is a strange perception out there that older women are not able to live up to the expectations of their youth and are not able to be stronger than their counterparts.  This misconception couldn’t be … Read More

Exciting News – Fit n’ Chips Chats Podcast is Finally Here!!

Finally. My podcast is LIVE!!! I will be uploading 4 episodes today and they are all very juicy and worth listening too. I personally now workout or run to podcasts, I play them in the car or when I am making dinner. I hope you start listening to this one. When do you listen to your podcasts? The first episde … Read More

These Abs Were Made From Sand!

  Last weekend I was in Vegas and while there is an opportunity here for me to discuss the tragic events, I have decided that because I have been so vocal about this on my social media pages, talking about my sadness and shock, raising funds with my son for the victims and generally wondering if I should tell the … Read More

Do You Think Doing The Housework Should Be Considered Exercise?

I was asked this week to contribute to a Global News article on just this subject.   Back in the day, I remember my gran telling me what a toll it was to wash the clothes on her mangle (yes that really is a thing!) and it would take all day to do with no electricity.  Nowadays, we hardly live … Read More

The Best-laid Plans Often Go Awry!

That was me this week. Despite my best efforts I struggled to get my new Facebook Live show rocking and rolling as I would have liked.  With continuing bandwidth and WiFi problems, my first interview with  Carolina Belamares, on “Body acceptance as a conduit for change” wasn’t the best video quality, but nonetheless it was a great, informative discussion that I … Read More

Fit n’ Chips Chats Starts This Week.

Please join me this Wednesday at noon CST when I will be hosting my first episode of Fit n’ Chips Chats with Carolina Belamares,  a business owner, fitness writer, and mother of three, Carolina loves working with and helping women. The rediscovery of their strength– physical and mental, literal and figurative– is a journey she is honored to partake in. Our … Read More

New DVRT MRT Workout, Facebook Live Show and Articles.. Oh My!

Hello and welcome to this weeks newsletter. There is a certain amount of irony in this post, as I sit here in the aftermath of one of America’s biggest storms Hurricane Harvey, with flooding all around me, knowing that the workout I am sharing with you all is using the Ultimate Sandbag Training Water Filler. We moved to Houston 4 … Read More

How I Learned To Run Again.

I have never been a great runner, but I have always been an OK runner. Over the past few years though I have barely put any km’s under my belt. This was all to evident when I did a recent Ragnar Relay and Spartan Super race, where my physical strength was an advantage on the obstacles, but my running endurance … Read More

Are You A Cranky Hormonal Bitch?

I know I wax lyrical about my menopause journey and I probably shouldn’t be so enthusiastic about it, but in a way I find it cathartic, plus it gives me the opportunity to open dialogue about the impact hormonal changes have on our physical and mental well-being and raise awareness in the fitness industry to those who don’t quite get it! So … Read More

Canada Day 150 Workout

This weekend sees Canada celebrating 150 years since the birth of it’s confederation. A fairly new country with a diverse and interesting history, that I am proud to have called my home for the past 14 years. So I wanted to celebrate what is a momentous occasion here and also the end of an era for me here in Toronto … Read More