Menopause + HRT: Debunking The Myths

Let me introduce you to Dr Hannah Short: an accredited specialist in female hormonal health (menopause & premenstrual disorders), GP and medical writer. Dr Short has undertaken extensive training in menopause management, under Dr Caroline Marfleet, with the British Menopause Society (BMS) and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH). In December 2018, she was awarded the Advanced Certificate … Read More

Lost Your Mojo? Let Lisa Help You Find It!

Creating a positive mindset and finding exercise motivation can be really hard, especially as we get older. In fact during perimenopause women can feel like they may never be motivated again! I hear this ALL THE TIME. Well do not fear, on this weeks episode I speak with Dr. Lisa Lewis a licensed psychologist and her jam is helping YOU … Read More

Benefits of Using Lubricants During Menopause

On the podcast this week, I chat with Nicky Gaylor, marketing director of Sylk vaginal lubricant.  Today on the show we are discussing vaginas (again!), women’s sexual health and why we should be changing the conversation around using lubricants. The stats are staggering, in menopause 80% of women will get vaginal atrophy (VA) with only a third will consider discussing … Read More

Dr Stacy Sims Talks Menopause

When Dr Stacy Sims agreed to come on my podcast I was over the moon, what a treat. My copy of her legendary book, ROAR is almost worn thin. It’s a book I recommend to every female athlete and a valuable source of information through all stages of our life. And her research on menopause is especially interesting to me … Read More

9 Best Anti Inflammatory Foods and Spices For Weight Loss

Guest Author: Nagina Abdullah,, Health Coach for Busy Women I used to think I was too busy to follow a healthy lifestyle and that I didn’t have time to think about food. So, I just ate what was there — chips from the vending machine, hot dogs from a street cart, whatever! But over time, neglecting my diet caught … Read More

Vaginal Atrophy in Menopause. Let’s Get The Conversation Started!

It’s no secret that I have struggled with vaginal atrophy during the roughest part of perimenopause.  I decided to be upfront and honest about it from the beginning, even if it did mean putting my vagina on the frontline.  My story is very common amongst the women in my Menopausing So Hard and without exception, every single one of us … Read More

Learning from a Pro: Elizabeth Smith Andrews

Elizabeth Smith Andrews is a fitness industry behemoth. As an educator for TRX, DVRT and Bosu she brings a no-nonsense and refreshing attitude to exercise and has inspired many of us. Warning: This is a great recording, but both of us have a potty-mouth, so if you are offended by the occasional “F” word, then this isn’t the episode for … Read More

Lean Body Mass Can Help Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms.

Whilst working out at the gym, Dr Rosanne Woods would notice that her friends who were the quintessential “cardio-bunnies”, were the women who were complaining about their severe menopause symptoms, most specifically hot flashes and night sweats. These fall under the umbrella of vasomotor symptoms. Vasomotor symptoms affect up to 80% of women during menopause, and whilst the exact reason … Read More


Katarina Wilk is my guest on the podcast this week. She is a health and medicine journalist who is the author of the fantastic book, Perimenopower. Frustrated as many women are through perimenopause about the lack of factual and easy to find information, she used her extensive background in scientific research to create the book. Katarina combines facts with personal … Read More

Are Your Challenging Yourself Enough?

“To see progress, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” If you want to get bigger, stronger, fitter, more powerful, leaner, faster, (name your adjective) then your body needs to be challenged enough to make those changes. My simply going through the motion in your workouts, even if you are doing them consistently, you really won’t see any changes … Read More