Learning from a Pro: Elizabeth Smith Andrews

Elizabeth Smith Andrews is a fitness industry behemoth. As an educator for TRX, DVRT and Bosu she brings a no-nonsense and refreshing attitude to exercise and has inspired many of us.


This is a great recording, but both of us have a potty-mouth, so if you are offended by the occasional “F” word, then this isn’t the episode for you.

On the podcast, I ask Elizabeth what she has learned in the 30 years of teaching.  Starting as an aerobics instructor in the 80’s to her current role, she realized that she had to break away from the pretense and pretend that permeates this industry. Her mission is to show people how to truly move well to build resiliency and longevity.


A Recovering Type-A

I have been friends with Elizabeth for some time now and I find her very inspiring. At 55 years old she is one of the strongest women I know, her instagram posts leave us all wide-eyed and gobsmacked at her strength and grace of movement.  She is a self-professed recovering Type-A (a little like myself) so has had to learn how pull back from the ball-busting workouts that left her injured and broken, and rethink how she exercised. She immersed herself in movement education that now allows her to move better at 55 than she did at 44!

Moving away from vanity over function, her new mantra is “precision drives integrity” – truly understanding that form matters and the basics of exercise movement work.  She wants people to bring back play into their workouts, knowing that if you find something that makes you happy then you are likely to stick with it. There is something out there for everybody.

Head over to Elizabeth’s instagram account for all her fabulous content.

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