Sane Nutrition with Kim Schlag

Kim Schlag is my Insta-buddy! We share the same philosophy on fitness and wellness, so I was keen to get her on my podcast. Listen along as we discuss some practical ideas to help you with fat loss, weight training and strength gains without sacrificing your sanity!

After years of yo-yo dieting, Kim discovered weight training and sane nutrition and completely transformed her life. She just fell in love with strength training and gaining muscle for the first time in her life. This strength transferred outside of the gym as she become more confident in relationships and realized that doing hard things in the gym meant she could tackle hard things outside of the gym.

She then took this passion and is now a qualified trainer and nutrition coach.

I totally adore her and her commonsense approach to living a healthy life, I also am a great fan of her Instagram page where you will find some brilliant tips for exercise and nutrition. Check out Kim at and on Instagram

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