New Podcast: Virginia Rodriguez – From Brain Health To Holiday Eating Strategies

A Christmas Eve special podcast release with my friend Virginia Rodriguez who is a  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who has a passion is to help men and women become healthier and happier through pure food and awesome lifestyle choices.

We have a great discussion on the show today that covers so many topics including brain health, taking care of the things we don’t see and how that pertains to fat loss.  We talk about inflammation, hormones, every day tools we can use, like visualization and preparation tasks. And finally we talk about strategies to help you over the indulgent holiday season. You can find out more information about Virginia at

I love our discussion on brain health. Virginia explains it is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to overall health, but is often overlooked because we don’t see it. It’s just not tangible so we tend to ignore it.  So what does brain health look like? well, it’s about the ability to cope with everything life throws with you and by building our brain reserve it makes us more resilient. Our behavior accelerates or decelerates our brain health, so working on behavioral habits is important. We also discuss how brain health pertains to fat loss.

Virginia is a holistic practitioner in the sense that she looks at health from a body, mind, spirit connection. Now that might sound a little “woo woo” for my followers, but typically we dumb this down into real practical terms.

Body = Clearly everything you do to help the health and wellness of your physical self.

Mind = Our brain health and how we can make ourselves resilient.

Spirit = your purpose in life, your vision pulls you.

Connection = with people face to face on a daily basis: health is contagious

And finally, some very simple strategies for the holidays.  A time when a lot of people get filled with angst over food, I wish it wasn’t so but it just is.   Virginia and I discuss a few strategies to help you, but if I could give you one simple bit of advice, it would be this;

“Just make your decision a conscious one.”


  1. Plan in advance; visualize what the evening will look like, important to think about it beforehand
  2. Pretend you are at home
  3. Eat with all your senses; be fully present in your meal
  4. Focus on the food that will fill you first
  5. Drink water/booze alternate
  6. Understand body cues; eat slowly, 80% fullness (don’t undo the button on your plans
  7. Event is more than just about the food, put it to the back of your mind…topic of event art, museum
  8. Normal day regular food; stops you from over-indulge

Nobody should make you feel guilty about what you eat, whether that be healthy choice or whether that be to just let go and relax. You be you!!

This is my last post of 2018, so I would just like to say, thank you for sticking around and all the best for 2019!

Much love



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