How Easy Is It To Get Fit At The Office? And Other Juicy Morsals!

I have just started my online coaching group this January and obviously part of that coaching is finding strategies to fit healthy movement into my clients daily lives.

So what does healthy movement mean?

My dream is to get every person to move every day. That means walking more, taking the stairs, sitting less and generally being less sedentary.

[Tweet “Studies are now showing sedentary time is associated with 75-82% of chronic disease. We need to make change! @tmlewin #fitnchips”]

If you have never been inspired to exercise for any other reason, maybe this could be your motivator. Exercise knowing you are potentially preventing chronic disease.

Science is telling us that sitting is killing us.

Science is telling us that we need to move more.

The Western world is lazier than ever and it will be the death of us.

So how can we achieve this when it seems people are working longer hours, are more stressed in general and really find it difficult to prioritise exercise over other areas of their life?  TM Lewin  pulled together an infographic to encourage easy changes in the workplace.  If you haven’t heard of T.M.Lewin before, they’re a menswear company with a variety of dress shirts, pants and other products that are made for transitional wear, especially those making exercise a priority

Here are a few of my favourites.

Host Standing Meetings

A super simple and novel idea. It not only encourages people to get their butts out of their seats, but it has been shown to reduce the time of meetings by 25%, so efficiency wins. No more long boring meetings.

Add A Competitive Element

By teaming up with a work colleague to exercise you are likely to increase your output by 200%, that competitive streak in you might just be what gets you moving again!

Start Early

Squeezing in your workout before work has been shown to improve performance, mental sharpness and time management, basically setting you up for success for the day ahead.

Check out the rest of the suggestions, I really think this is a great infographic to print off and pop on the office wall – it’s what I am asking my hubby to do!


How much exercise do you really need to be fit?

Tis the season for resolutions to be made and broken. One of the reasons I believe that this happens is because people tend to over extend themselves, doing too much too soon.  I recently contributed to an article with Global News, giving my thoughts on what I think is the right amount of exercise you need.


New Podcast

Check out my latest podcast with Sam Pitre (pronounced Pit).

This is a brilliant episode.

Sam Pitre, is an Instagram friend, her journey is amazing, she is 43 years old and she has a great story to tell. She has completely transformed her life from health struggles, to overcoming fears and more than anything she gives us the courage to know that it is never too late to start. In fact the reason she did this podcast was to inspire you to start again to have a healthier future, if you are scared or have lost your belief in your athletic ability.

She was never an active person, she was (is) an avid knitter who was very sedentary, a very heaver smoker, drank no water, just double double coffees and was addicted to diet cokes. Her idea of functional exercise was walking with her smokes. When her very active husband told her he was worried about her health and didn’t want to lose his wife, she agreed to start running with him to build a healthy heart.

In this hilarious tale, Sam admits to running 30km with Diet Coke in her running belt and bumming a cigarette from some random stranger in MacDonalds.!

Another very important message in this podcast is that Sam was very happy with her body at whatever weight she was, her prime motive for fitness was improved health not weight loss.

I do hope you enjoy this as much as I did.



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