What’s Stopping You Becoming The Boss of Your Body?


Do you live limitlessly? Do you live a big life?

If you aren’t, then what is stopping you?

These were the questions that I discussed with Kourtney Thomas on my latest podcast episode.

Kourtney’s motto is Big Arms, Big Life. She uses strength and empowerment to coach women to make and create a beautiful, meaningful life that they deserve. She is also a tireless advocate for women’s rights and putting them on a platform to be heard, especially in the fitness which is such a white male dominated industry.  I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope you do too.

==> Podcast

You can find out more about Kourtney on her website here.

Menopause Hacks Early Bird Deadline Ends 23rd December.

One of the areas we work on in my 6 month online coaching program is about owning your space and rediscovering your big life.  We cover a whole section about mindset psychology and strategies to help us grow and thrive through menopause.

And of course I cover nutrition and workouts in depth.  I really am pumped to get started on this program and I hope you join me too.  All details are over at my shop, where you can find two programs, one for group coaching and one for private 1:1 (which surprisingly has been my most popular program so far!) 

The program kicks off on January 1st and will run until the end of May. I will be alongside you the whole way.

Head over to Menopause Hacks and remember, drop me an email should you have any questions about the coaching.

Other News

I  contributed to three articles this week that might peak your interest.

Global News ran an article about drinking coffee before your workouts, want to know the low-down on Java and Performance, then head over to the article.

==> Global News Coffee Time

Breaking Muscle ran an article all about the best pieces of equipment to buy for your home gym. Of course my suggestion was to buy an Ultimate Sandbag amongst other items.  The main thing to know is that you do not have to spend a lot of money or have a lot of space to make workouts successful at home.

==> Breaking Muscle Home Gyms

So what’s the deal on incontinence? Something of a taboo subject and not a pretty conversation, yet it is very necessary. If you are struggling with incontinence, you might find some of the advice in this article useful.

==> Girls Gone Strong Incontinence

That’s all for now!  Hope you find something interesting in this newsletter and of course simply hit reply if you have a question or a comment.


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