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Wow, hard to believe it is actually December already, even harder for me to grasp as I sit here in beautiful, sunny Houston.  Things have been pretty busy here at Fit n’ Chips, so many things to tell you about, but first I would like to address something which was brought to my attention by a dear friend, whose opinion I deeply value.

On Monday this past week, I held my first online, paid webinar. It was a step into ventures new for me and I was very excited about it. I was offering very important, relevant and evidence-based information to help women with fat loss during their 40’s, especially if they are contending with menopause too.  I reached out to over 500 women and asked them what they needed help with and this was the subject.

I had a great response to the Masterclass and know it was well received by the attendees. Yet, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Newton’s 3rd Law not only applies to physics but to events in every day life. In this case,  there was a negative reaction to the message in my emails leading up to the webinar, also seeming to be more frequent than necessary (I did only  sent 5 emails but that is more than usual). I believe the wording in the emails, specifically the word “fat” had an adverse reaction, which I wanted to address here.

If you listen to any of the free content I produce, or read any of my regular emails, my message has not changed. My values as a person and a coach have not changed. I celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, each woman has their own uniqueness and strength that I push to embrace and expose. Everything I do regarding fitness and nutrition comes from a thoughtful, educated and non-judgmental place where acceptance and self-love are key, but still giving women (and men) permission to lose weight and find a place that feels comfortable and healthy for them, making life long changes that impact all areas of their life.

I apologise to anybody out there who felt my message had changed. Know that I am still as strong in my beliefs as ever.  If you ever have something you want to address with me, you must know that you are always feel free to email me, I am ready to listen to you.

OK, now onto other news.

This past week I was excited to be a guest on the Healthy Habits Happy Moms podcast. This is an amazing group of female trainers who have created a community of over 34k moms, and they help to bring balance, moderation and sanity to women’s health and fitness.   We talk about menopause (of course) as many of their clients are older moms, in their 40’s balancing the thrills of being Motherhood with peri-Menopause and that is a doubly “M” whammy.
Click here to listen to the episode

I am pretty excited that my very own podcast is now #38 in the Health Podcast charts. I have no idea what that really means, but I find it very exciting all the same. If you haven’t already checked out my latest recording, with the fabulous Georgie Fear, head over to listen to it now.


Metabolism is slowing down with age, and now we have hormonal disruption to deal, menopause often sees women gain weight and struggle to lose it as easily as they did before. Today we will talk about skills to help achieve weight loss and answer some frequently asked questions. Georgie is a registered dietitian and author of Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss.


Yours in hot sweats and muscles

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