It’s Time To Stop Being Ashamed Of Fat

Our social context is to despise fat and look to thin lean role models as our inspiration, yet from an evolutionary perspective, these role models would signify starvation.  We have been shamed by media into believing that having fat is going to make us less of a person, not quite worthy. It is time for this narrative to stop.  I mean, just look at the benefits of having some fat in our body.

  • Fat is not just some icky, unwelcome substance that we should try to rid ourselves of, its an active sensing, dynamic responding tissue.
  • Fat on your thighs and butt will tell brain how much energy we have available.
  • It makes us soft, juicy and curvaceous, it’s what helps our sex drive. Our sexual health, pleasure and desire need fat to secrete the good loving hormones.
  • Bone density is impacted by fat production. Bone is active tissue and it needs a lot of help and body fat can help with that.

From a biochemical perspective, from an evolutionary perspective and from a body-image perspective we have to become more aware of the benefits of every part of our body and understand that it really is a fabulous implement that should be celebrated not berated.

I recently wrote about this in Breaking Muscle and it has been really helpful to help women realise that fat isn’t there to harm us, it can actually help us.

==> Breaking Muscle – Stop Being Ashamed Of Fat!

When I coach people, I help them understand how truly wonderful their body is.

I never shame, berate or encourage weight loss where it isn’t the primary goal or focus.

Every single person has a journey that is unique to them and I am here to help them work through their unique path.  I understand that you are probably overwhelmed with fat loss, quick fix New Year programs that just assume you are ready to be thin and lean, to the point that you may feel that is what is expected of you.

I call bullshit on that narrative.

I had a problem writing this part of the email today because I don’t want people to think that is my primary reason contacting you.  I do have a program that starts in January and it’s going to be fucking awesome, and if you are ready, I invite you to join me. If you don’t want to join me then that’s awesome too!  I will continue to give you all as much valuable content as I can each week, that focus hasn’t changed, but my job is to coach, it is what I do best and I am ready to help you.

For anybody interested, I have extended my sale and created a promotion rate for you to take advantage of before the shopping cart closes on Saturday 30th December.

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==> Menopause Hacks 

much love

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