Spotlight on 4 Women Master DVRT Trainers: Strong and Over 50

Being a women over 40 in the fitness industry means that I often have to remind people that I am very strong and capable. There is a strange perception out there that older women are not able to live up to the expectations of their youth and are not able to be stronger than their counterparts.  This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth of course and after spending a weekend at the DVRT Master Trainers Summit in Las Vegas with these women I am about to introduce to you  I felt truly inspired to showcase my friends to you. Each of these women are OVER 50 and are leaders in the fitness world, they are also some of the most powerful women I know.

I reached out to these amazing women and asked them why they choose to use the Ultimate Sandbag as part of their training and how it has helped them personally and what is their favourite exercises.

So get ready to learn from the in the industry and see how these women over 50 are living their lives to the fullest and being strongest they can.

Kaori Tani

Kaori is based in Japan and she is a big deal there! She travels around the world teaching amongst others DVRT and TRX (she is a master trainer for both) , so finding time to workout can be a challenge for her. I love the energy of this small and mighty woman.

More and more as I started traveling and teaching, it has become more challenging to find the time for myself to exercise. DVRT provides the great solution for both time and space issue for busy women like us. All you need are a couple of Ultimate Sandbags and some space in the living room. You get to improve your mobility, core stability, strength and movement efficiency at once. You will move better and feel better!

Favorite DVRT Exercises:
Many…. but especially, Around The World, Supine Bridge with MAX march, Lateral Drag and MAX Lunge.

You can find Kaori at:
DVRT Japan Facebook


Elizabeth Smith Andrews

This sassy strong siren from the South isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, and I love that about her.  She is a straight shooter and a phenomenal coach. She is constantly teaching workshops for DVRT and TRX being a master instructor for both.

Favourite Exercise and Why?
The Lateral Bag Drag is one of my favorite and a “go-to” in the DVRT system. Here a a couple of reasons why I find this drill to be stellar: I have experienced exponential intrinsic strength gains in my own body. I have 5 pissy lumbar discs that like to fuck with me. Because my core stability and strength has evolved, they don;t get as pissy as they once did. In fact, rarely now. This drill was and is a staple. Another reason I love this is the “one stop shop” results you receive from it. The fascial tensioning required throughout the complete body, stability in frontal, transverse and saggital planes, then strength building from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. This drill exposes your weaknesses so there is a great visual feedback in which to work from. When done properly, to standard, lats locked in with arm-connected during the drag, even belt-line and shoulders, constant friction with bag to ground,strong plank, this is an ass kicker in the most pleasant way. Lots of bang for your buck!!

You can find Elizabeth at:


Michele Meinville Decerio

Michele is my DVRT BFF as we both qualifed and became Master Instructors together. At any event we go to you will always see us glued to each others sides as thick as thieves. Michele owns her own facility called M Fitness For Life where she inspires men and women of all ages to thrive and fulfill their dreams

Intensity, I implemented a new heart rate training system last winter.  Each time I did a DVRT workout, I would get a nice email from MyZone saying they raised my maximum heart rate.  I am a cardio freak.  Yes!  I love to be strong, but I am also always searching for that burn, those endorphins.  When I use the Ultimate Sandbag, I can accomplish that more so than other implements.  And better yet, there is no impact on my joints.

Ok, not gonna lie, as a coach (no longer a group ex instructor), I now have to build workouts into my day or it won’t get done.  Some days, after spending the majority of the day coaching, the last thing I feel like doing is spending another hour at my studio training myself.  Using the DVRT system with the Ultimate Sandbag, I can bang out a great workout in 20-30 minutes, with one or two pieces of equipment. Design my workout, set the timer and go.

BadASS – What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, eh? I have been using the DVRT system since 2013 with my clients.  I have seen them gain strength so much faster!  I know what it has done for them physically, but it’s the mental aspect that is often overlooked, especially when it comes to performing the clean and press challenge.  But also, just increasing your strength or performing more complex movements with a USB.  Yes, I think training with a sandbag is badass…gives a woman more confidence in herself and her capabilities!

Favourite Exercise: Cyclone

You can find Michele at:


Larisa Witoshkin Lotz

Larisa is like a wizard of DVRT exercises, combining the most effective exercise with elegant effortless ease, yet we know that she’s working hard while making it look so easy. Larisa coaches out of Studio Revolution in Raleigh, North Carolina.

DVRT is the perfect blend of strength, stability and movement, which is how I live my life. I also following my instinct and gut at my age on smart moving and smart programming.

Favourite exercise: Clean and Press
Yes I love the clean (and press so much) it just makes me feel so goddamn strong and powerful when you lift like a beast. It marries the skill of technical proficiency with speed and strength, plus it’s so damn real life ..your body has to learn when and how to absorb the weight using the whole body, not just one joint. Then your body has to learn how to move that weight up from the right places with a neutral pelvis starting from the ground up.

Variability and sustainability is my Moto!

You can find Larisa at:

If you love DVRT like I do and love to work out intelligently with sustainability, then you should follow these women. Strong women are after all, what make the world go around.

If you are interested in getting strong as you age, you maybe interested in the program I produced with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, STRONG Over 40- Downloadable

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