These Abs Were Made From Sand!


Last weekend I was in Vegas and while there is an opportunity here for me to discuss the tragic events, I have decided that because I have been so vocal about this on my social media pages, talking about my sadness and shock, raising funds with my son for the victims and generally wondering if I should tell the world where I am travelling too next as I seem to bring trouble with me wherever I go, I have decided to just focus on my positive experiences from the weekend.

Each year I travel to meet with other Master DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Trainers at our annual summit. It’s such an inspirational time for me as I mingle with some of the world’s finest fitness folks, sharing ideas and aligning myself with people who care about fitness as much as myself.

Inspired by this, my workout ended up today focusing on core exercises. Anybody who has followed me for long enough understands that ab crunches have no place in my repotoire. Not only are they known to have an adverse affect on lower back functioning, they also do not work the full core.

The core is anything between your hips and shoulders, front and back of the body so it’s important to train all of that! Here are my 3 go to exercises today:

Lateral Bag Drag (ISO Pulls), Half Kneeling Push Out and Stir The Pot

These are just a few of the many ways I work my core using the Ultimate Sandbag, you will find many more workouts, over on my YouTube Channel and in my Blog.

As usual, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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