The Best-laid Plans Often Go Awry!

That was me this week. Despite my best efforts I struggled to get my new Facebook Live show rocking and rolling as I would have liked.  With continuing bandwidth and WiFi problems, my first interview with  Carolina Belamares, on “Body acceptance as a conduit for change” wasn’t the best video quality, but nonetheless it was a great, informative discussion that I think is worth tuning into.

It’s because of these ridiculous first world problems I am now creating a podcast series of Fit n’ Chips Chats, rather than postpone all the wonderful guests I have lined up.  On Wednesday week I will be chatting with Alyson Schafer.

Alyson Schafer is a family counsellor, TV personality, author, spokesperson, educator and consultant. She is one of Canada’s most notable parenting experts and serves as the resident expert on national outlets such as: HuffPost Canada, The Marilyn Denis Show and CBC radio.

She will be speaking to us about “Reevaluating Your Role in Life At 40″. We know entering peri-menopause is a time when women can feel lost, invisible and alone. Alyson will help us understand the path forward and where it will lead us.  If you don’t know Alyson, then you are in for a treat, I totally love this woman. She is funny, frank and compelling.

If you have any burning questions you would like me to ask, please hit reply to this email.

What else do I want to share with you?

Oh yes, I was featured in another article for Global News today. If I can do anything to stop the media focusing on promoting abs in 6 weeks I will. I do my best to give my own perspective on traditional core training in this article, How to get abs without doing traditional ab exercises. 

I posted a great  new workout on my Instagram page the other day that left me panting like a dog! HA! It was super easy to remember, but so effective, the two things I like best about workouts. Using 1 piece of cardio, a dumbbell or kettlebell, this is definitely a workout to keep in your back pockets for those moments when you are lost for exercise inspirations.

If you haven’t already, sign up for your free copy of 5 Energy Boostings Ways to Beat Menopause Fatigue.

And lastly, if you are interested, head over to my closed Facebook page, Menopausing So Hard and join over 300 women supporting each other through this challenging time of our life.

Thanks so much and have a great week!

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