Do You Think Doing The Housework Should Be Considered Exercise?

I was asked this week to contribute to a Global News article on just this subject.   Back in the day, I remember my gran telling me what a toll it was to wash the clothes on her mangle (yes that really is a thing!) and it would take all day to do with no electricity.  Nowadays, we hardly live … Read More

The Best-laid Plans Often Go Awry!

That was me this week. Despite my best efforts I struggled to get my new Facebook Live show rocking and rolling as I would have liked.  With continuing bandwidth and WiFi problems, my first interview with  Carolina Belamares, on “Body acceptance as a conduit for change” wasn’t the best video quality, but nonetheless it was a great, informative discussion that I … Read More

Fit n’ Chips Chats Starts This Week.

Please join me this Wednesday at noon CST when I will be hosting my first episode of Fit n’ Chips Chats with Carolina Belamares,  a business owner, fitness writer, and mother of three, Carolina loves working with and helping women. The rediscovery of their strength– physical and mental, literal and figurative– is a journey she is honored to partake in. Our … Read More

New DVRT MRT Workout, Facebook Live Show and Articles.. Oh My!

Hello and welcome to this weeks newsletter. There is a certain amount of irony in this post, as I sit here in the aftermath of one of America’s biggest storms Hurricane Harvey, with flooding all around me, knowing that the workout I am sharing with you all is using the Ultimate Sandbag Training Water Filler. We moved to Houston 4 … Read More

How I Learned To Run Again.

I have never been a great runner, but I have always been an OK runner. Over the past few years though I have barely put any km’s under my belt. This was all to evident when I did a recent Ragnar Relay and Spartan Super race, where my physical strength was an advantage on the obstacles, but my running endurance … Read More

Are You A Cranky Hormonal Bitch?

I know I wax lyrical about my menopause journey and I probably shouldn’t be so enthusiastic about it, but in a way I find it cathartic, plus it gives me the opportunity to open dialogue about the impact hormonal changes have on our physical and mental well-being and raise awareness in the fitness industry to those who don’t quite get it! So … Read More

Canada Day 150 Workout

This weekend sees Canada celebrating 150 years since the birth of it’s confederation. A fairly new country with a diverse and interesting history, that I am proud to have called my home for the past 14 years. So I wanted to celebrate what is a momentous occasion here and also the end of an era for me here in Toronto … Read More

Transfer Your STRONG to Real Life

  One of the reason I am such a proponent of Strength training is mainly down to the impact it has had on me personally.  There are pretty much no disadvantages that come to mind when I analyse how being STRONG has transferred over to my everyday REAL LIFE!  That’s why I am thrilled to be releasing my STRONG OVER … Read More

Workout Like You are 40 – Feel Like You are 25!

Older and wiser, or is it older and creakier?   There is a huge part of me that refuses to except that I will be 50 in a few years, when I still mentally feel as good as I did when I was in my 20’s. Yet our body tells a different story. I never remembered getting creaky and aching … Read More